The Economic Impact

of Tribes

What state wouldn't want to have a business that provides a nearly $13 billion impact to the economy and is a good partner that provides additional dollars for education, hospitals and health care clinics, and for roads and transportation infrastructure? As former Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry notes, tribal business is an industry the state can ill afford to lose.

The Tribes Are Providing Opportunity and Prosperity

Native American tribes are a critical partner in Oklahoma’s future. They support nearly 100,000 jobs and invest millions in education, health care and transportation infrastructure. Tribes provide unique opportunities for the state’s rural counties. They create businesses that draw millions to the state. And they generously donate — more than $60 million in support of Oklahoma communities. Oklahoma Native American tribes have been at the heart of creating a level of stability and prosperity that Oklahoma might not otherwise have realized.

$1.4 billion

Supporting statewide education since 2006

$88 million

Saved in state matching Medicaid funds

$200 million

Invested in roads & bridges

Permanent Partners
in the State

The impact of Oklahoma tribes extends well beyond quantifiable numbers. From increased availability of health care in rural communities to education expenditures that are helping children have the chance to succeed, tribes are more than just an important partner in Oklahoma — they’re a permanent partner. With roots that are deep and strong, the tribes are personally invested in this state and the land they call home.

They're taking care of their elderly. They're building roads. They're supporting tourism. I don't know what else we can ask of them — they're doing everything that they can to live on their values and I don't want to think about a state that doesn't celebrate that. We're all better when we work on it together.

Alison Anthony
President and CEO
Tulsa Area United Way

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