The strength of Oklahoma tribes is one of the state’s greatest assets. Tribes are making a critical difference in our communities and their citizens are our neighbors who we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with through every tragedy and triumph. We are United For Oklahoma: committed to mutual respect, shared strength and productive partnerships.

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Native American tribes are an integral part of Oklahoma, with roots that are deep and permanent. The tribes are an economic engine that impact the state's economy by the billions. And they’re making a critical difference in our communities — creating jobs and investing in key areas like education, health care and infrastructure. When the tribes are strong, our state is strong. We are United for Oklahoma: committed to mutual respect, shared strength and productive partnerships.

The Economic Impact of Oklahoma Tribes

The strength of the tribes is one of Oklahoma's strongest assets. In every community, you see evidence of tribal impact: improved education, new health care facilities, new roads, new bridges, new jobs. For fiscal year 2017, Oklahoma tribes accounted for:

96,177 Jobs

In the State

$4.6 Billion

In wages & benefits to Oklahoma workers

Nearly $13 Billion

In state production of goods & services

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Source: Oklahoma Native Impact Study, Fiscal Year 2017

How much would the state pay in incentives to bring in an entity that's going to bring in $12.9 billion worth of impact and create 96,000 jobs?

Kyle Dean, PhD
Associate Professor of Economics
Oklahoma City University

Pillars of Strength

A Stabilizing Force Statewide

There’s not a sector in this state untouched by the tribes. Oklahoma Native Americans are leading the way when it comes to funding schools, building hospitals, constructing roads, repairing bridges, operating businesses and supporting communities.

Once we made a deal, once we shook hands, that deal was as good as gold. The tribes are true to their word, they live up to their responsibility and you can count on them. They’ve been great partners for the state of Oklahoma.

Brad Henry Governor State of Oklahoma (2003-2011)

All Oklahomans need to view tribes in a holistic manner that includes all of their impact, not just this idea that tribes are about gaming. Tribes are about Oklahoma investing in Oklahoma’s future.

Kyle Dean, PhD Associate Professor of Economics Oklahoma City University

When you think about 96,000 employees working for tribes and nations and you multiply that in economic development terms, now we’re not talking just 100,000 jobs, we’re probably talking 400,000 or 500,000 jobs.

David Thompson President & CEO InvesTrust Wealth Management

Tribes are planted in Oklahoma. They’re like these great forests that provide all this benefit that are planted in Oklahoma. They’re here to stay, and they’re here to make a lasting impact in our state.

Scott Meacham Treasurer State of Oklahoma (2005-2011)

We’re lucky to have the tribes, but we’re really lucky to have the tribal leadership that we have in the state of Oklahoma that see beyond the tribes — they see the better good for all.

Jim Couch City Manager Oklahoma City (2000-2018)

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