Native American tribes are an integral part of Oklahoma, with roots that are deep and permanent. Tribal nations make a critical, positive difference across the entire state.

Areas of Impact

A Stabilizing Force Statewide

There’s not a sector in this state untouched by the tribes. Oklahoma Native Americans are leading the way when it comes to funding schools, building hospitals, constructing roads, repairing bridges, operating businesses and supporting communities.

The Economic Impact of Oklahoma Tribes

The strength of the tribes is one of Oklahoma's strongest assets. In every community, you see evidence of tribal impact: improved education, new health care facilities, new roads, new bridges, new jobs. For fiscal year 2017, Oklahoma tribes accounted for:

96,177 Jobs

Supported in the state

$4.6 Billion

In wages & benefits to Oklahoma workers

Nearly $13 Billion

Annual contribution to the Oklahoma economy

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Source: Oklahoma Native Impact Study, Fiscal Year 2017

How much would the state pay in incentives to bring in an entity that's going to bring in $12.9 billion worth of impact and create 96,000 jobs?

Kyle Dean, PhD
Associate Professor of Economics
Oklahoma City University

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