National Security

Tribes Are Essential to Our Military

First Americans are often the most represented ethnicity in any branch of the military. They have a storied history of proud service, from the Choctaw-Chickasaw Code Talkers in WWI to the 42,000 First Americans who served in Vietnam. It follows that tribes, especially in Oklahoma, now play an integral role in our national security. They support our military not only on the frontlines, but also in terms of goods, services and programs developed to keep our nation safe.

Native Americans in general serve in larger numbers than any other ethnicity. It’s part of our culture. We’re America’s first warriors.

Chris Anoatubby
Lieutenant Governor
Chickasaw Nation

Tribes Deliver On Government Programs

From testing and developing drone operation programs to building communications systems to manufacturing tactical trailers, tribes play a critical role in maintaining readiness for our country’s armed forces. They also contribute to operational support of the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Missile Defense Agency, among others, to provide goods and services essential to national security.

Our tribes, particularly in Oklahoma, have been incredibly impactful in terms of national security.

Major General Lee Levy U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

As a DoD contractor, we work for all branches of the military. The products that we produce here do go to the end user, which is our war fighters, which we are very proud of.

Stephen Nichols President Choctaw Defense Manufacturing

First Americans, in general, are very patriotic. They truly see this as the homelands.

Bill Lance Secretary of State Chickasaw Nation