The Influence of Tribal Nations

Over recent years, the Native American tribes of Oklahoma have created one of the most remarkable success stories of modern times. Tribal nations are vital drivers of the Oklahoma economy and their impact can be seen in community after community, household after household. For fiscal year 2019, tribes accounted for:

A Billion-Dollar Economic Engine

The tribal nations of Oklahoma were responsible for an incredible economic impact of more than $15 billion in 2019 alone. In addition to direct contributions by tribal businesses, the tribes generate billions more in production by companies that support their business operations.

Tribes have reinvested in Oklahoma communities like no other industry across the state. The tribal nations are an economic catalyst, as well as a reliable and permanent partner. They don’t operate like a for-profit corporation — they invest in other businesses that employ other Oklahomans. As former Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry notes, tribal business is the biggest business we have in Oklahoma. Select an area below to learn more.

We’re dedicated to inspiring, sustaining and growing diverse Choctaw businesses for future generations.
Sarah Curtis
CEO & President
Choctaw Global
Ask yourself, how much would the State of Oklahoma be willing to pay in incentives to attract businesses that generate this much economic activity in the state?
Kyle Dean, PhD
Professor of Economics
Director, Center for Native American & Urban Studies
The most vibrant single aspect of Oklahoma’s economy and culture right now is our tribal nations.
Judge Robert Henry
Oklahoma City University (2010-2018)
A tribe doesn’t have shareholders. It invests back in its people, back in its communities, back in its programs. So a tribe is just taking every dollar it makes and plowing it back into the economy, so you’re actually getting a better return.
Scott Meacham
State of Oklahoma (2005-2011)