Tribes Stand Shoulder to Shoulder with the State

The tribal nations of Oklahoma are committed to building a successful partnership with the State of Oklahoma — one that is built on mutual respect and shared strength. Working together, the sovereign governments can help secure the strongest possible future for every Oklahoman.

They’ve been great partners for the State of Oklahoma, and when the tribal leaders tell you that they will do some something, you can bank on it.
Brad Henry
Governor, State of Oklahoma (2003-2011)

For decades, the state and the tribes have stood shoulder to shoulder to address the needs of Oklahomans — shouldering critical costs for health care and education, building new roads and bridges and stewarding natural resources like water.

We have a long history of working closely with the State of Oklahoma to address significant challenges and develop solutions for the benefit all Oklahomans.
Bill Anoatubby
Governor, Chickasaw Nation

Gary Ridley served the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for 44 years, including 12 as Director. “I’ve had many a handshake with tribal leaders on an agreement on a project and they’ve never once changed their agreement once they shook your hand,” he said. “That was as good as any contract I ever signed with a contractor.”

Working together, the state and the tribes form a partnership that is central to achieving the strongest possible future for all Oklahomans.

The tribes are indispensable partners. It’s not them versus us — if the U.S.S. Oklahoma goes down, we all go down together.
Frank Keating
State of Oklahoma (1995-2003)
The relationships that we’ve had with tribal governments in the transportation industry have always been extremely good.
Gary Ridley
Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation (2009-2017)
The Cherokee Nation will continue to be a good partner in this state as it has proven for more than a century.
Chuck Hoskin, Jr.
Principal Chief
Cherokee Nation