Tribes Share Your Values

Tribal nations want the same thing most Oklahomans want — a strong economy, stable jobs, well-funded education, infrastructure investment, accessible health care, safe communities and to support the military. Oklahoma tribes not only represent Oklahoma values, they further them each and every day.

Whether tribal nations are helping to revitalize a rural downtown, paving a road, repairing a bridge, supplying water to a community, responding to a crisis or partnering with local law enforcement departments, the end result is the same. It makes Oklahoma a better place to live — not just for Native American citizens, but for all citizens.

When we fix a road, it doesn’t just say ‘Chickasaw’ only. It’s everybody that drives down those roads.
Don “Salty” Melton
Marshall County Commissioner, District 1

Working to Strengthen the State

Chickasaw Nation to Build $300 Million Resort
The resort will be adjacent to the First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City and will feature a hotel, water park, retail, dining and conference facilities.
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Supporting Oklahoma’s Workforce

Oklahoma tribes support nearly 100,000 jobs in the state. More are on the way following the announcement of Chickasaw Nation’s new resort (see sidebar).

Infrastructure Investment

The commitment of tribal nations to improving infrastructure — building roads and bridges and providing greater access to water and broadband — benefits the entire state.

Effective Crisis Response

When disaster strikes, tribes are often on the frontlines — providing potentially life-saving resources, equipment and manpower to help other agencies and ensure public safety.

Funding Education

From pre-K through the university level, strong tribes have made a significant difference in the lives of Oklahomans through their support of education initiatives.

Investing in Law Enforcement for Safer Communities

Across Oklahoma, tribal nations have formed partnerships with local departments to increase manpower and resources and to help provide for the safety and well-being of citizens.

Supporting the Military

The application of cutting-edge technology developed by the tribes is helping to save the lives of soldiers.

Tribes are here to collaborate. We care as much of creating public safety and effective law enforcement as any citizen in the state of Oklahoma.
Lisa Johnson-Billy
Tribal Legislator, Chickasaw Nation
We believe what is good for one of us is good for all of us. Recognizing the common interests of everyone involved is a great place to start.
Bill Anoatubby
Chickasaw Nation
My experience has been that tribes see this as a community. That all of us live together — neighbors, friends, family — and they’ve been willing to do things that enrich us all.
Kenneth Corn
City Manager
Anadarko (2015-2022)
We’re very unique as a state with our composition of Native American tribes in this state. I think it creates real opportunity for our state to really rise and be recognized.
Rep. Charles McCall
Oklahoma Speaker of the House