In 2020, Choctaw Nation partnered with OG&E to create a solar energy farm in Durant, home to tribal headquarters. By early 2021, the tribe announced plans to double the size of the farm’s operation.

What you see in the benefit of solar and renewable energy is that the Choctaw Nation is able to go green, is able to help protect the environment.
Jeff Wood
OG&E Lead Account Executive, Southern Oklahoma
From Farm to Flight
Choctaw Nation is a leader in unmanned aircraft research and development.
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The solar farm, which covers 35 acres of land and supports more than 15,000 solar panels, produces enough power — 5 megawatts — to provide for nearly 2,000 homes. OG&E Executive Jeff Wood said the tribe has saved more than $69,000 on energy bills thus far.

With solar energy a win-win for both the tribe and the environment, it’s no wonder Choctaw Nation is looking at increasing its renewable energy assets. “We have gotten a lot more comfortable about it as we have learned more about the technology and about how it works,” noted Choctaw Nation Utility Authority Director Stanley Self. “We are very excited about this expansion because we look forward to increasing our participation.”

The Choctaw Nation has thousands of years of experience living off the land in a sustainable way, and, to us, this is a natural and welcome development. By living more sustainable, we can be good stewards of the environment and still live comfortably.
Gary Batton
Chief, Choctaw Nation

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