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For more than a quarter of a century, Wyandotte Nation’s nationally recognized program has been serving tribal and non-tribal children alike. The preschool is open year-round (including many school holidays) and the program is always open to parents who want to join in.

We are part of the Wyandotte Nation tribe, so we do receive tons of support. We don’t require children to bring any school supplies at all, everything they need to get through the school day, we provide to them.
Lindsay Cooper
Early Childhood Program Coordinator, Wyandotte Nation Preschool Program

“The most important thing I found is it’s an actual school,” says parent Brad Abell. “It’s not just a daycare. My kid learns something new every day and he’s excited to come home and tell me about it.”

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The Wyandotte Nation Preschool was an early national model for preschools and was ranked the nation’s best in the mid-1990’s. Today, their focus on developing the whole child continues to appeal to families.

The preschool draws students from neighboring communities such as Fairland, Grove, Miami and Afton, and even Joplin and Seneca, Missouri. “That speaks very highly of our program, the teachers and the staff that we have built here,” notes Lindsay Cooper.

Best of all, everyone is welcome at the preschool. Cooper estimates that on average, 50% of the children attending the program are non-tribal. “There’s no differentiator here as far as ‘this is a tribal kid and this is a non-tribal kid,’” adds Abell. “They’re just kids that go here.”

Having a place like this that’s close to us and it’s reasonably priced, it gives us an opportunity to have a career, you know, and not just a 9-5 hourly job.
Brad Abell

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